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Fun Fit Decatur Kids



Our Policies




•    Payment:  Fully-completed and signed registration forms along with full payment $162.50 per session (check, cash or Venmo (checks made out to Fun Fit Decatur Kids or Venmo Funfitdecaturkids)

•    Refunds:  Please give us two weeks’ notice if you wish to cancel session for prorated refund.

•    Children should bring water and not juices or any other drink to class.

•    Sickness:  FFDK reserves the right to send a sick child home if a coach deems necessary.  The coaches do not administer medication unless there is a life-threatening situation.

•    Privacy Policy:  We at FFDK only collect personal information to provide the best and most appropriate care for your child.  We do not sell, rent, or share your family information with any person or organization.  We may use personal information to communicate with you if we have any new information that may be of interest to you.

•    Use of Video Camera and Still Photography:  FFDK reserves the right to publish pictures of their classes with children in it, for marketing purposes, unless otherwise notified by the guardian in writing.

•    Discipline: Our coaches offer a safe and loving environment for every child.  Discipline is a learning process, not a punishment to be imposed on the child.  Positive reinforcement will be used to encourage good behavior.  If behavior problems arise, each coach will handle the situation as positively as possible.  Consequences for inappropriate behaviors are adjusted for each age level and personality.  For younger children we will either redirect a child’s interest; or implement a brief time out.  For older children, the child may lose five minutes of play time.  If misbehavior continues, the coaches will discuss the problem with the parents.

•    If you pick up your child prior to dismissal time, then please come to FFDK location to sign your child out.

•    If your child is to ride home with anyone other than his/her regular carpool, we must have a written note/email from you prior to dismissal.

•    Toilet training is required but if there has been a potty “accident” and a coach needs to assist a child (changing clothes, clean up, etc.), two adults must be present. Parent will be notified if further cleaning is necessary.  Coaches supervise restroom time and door is to remain open.

•    Coaches will not release a child to any adult who smells of alcohol or appears impaired by drugs.  Another adult on the child’s emergency list will be called to pick up the child. I acknowledge that I have read and accept FFDK policies.

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